The Need for Sustainable Labour Costing

This is an article written by the Chief author and founder, Mr.Charm Rammandala, exploring the need for setting standards in Labour costing for the apparel industry.

Dissecting the Cost of Apparel manufacturing

This article introduces you to the terminology used in the apparel manufacturing industry. It also gives you a brief look at what you will find as you explore this domain. Get educated!

Standard Minute Value

Find out how the SMV is calculated and how crucial it is for the process of apparel manufacturing.

Standard Minute Rate

Get to know about what SMR is and how it influences your decisions.

Evidence from UK Fashion Retail

This paper focuses on a specific feature of buying behavior in the UK fashion retail industry: the negotiation of a manufacturing price (CMT cost) with suppliers which does not separately itemize labour cost..

The Need for Open Labor Costing in Apparel Sourcing Business

This is an article written by the founder Mr.Charm Rammandala as a guest contributer to a famous company '' on their website.

Lean management program & PMTS system

This is a guest contribution from Charm Rammandala. Charm, a lean management expert, has shared his experience with apparel lean management programs using PMTS across South Asia.

Sustainable labour costing & it’s impact on Apparel Industry

This is a guest contribution from Charm Rammandala. The purpose of this article is to discuss what labour costing is and its importance to the sustainability of apparel manufacturing industry and image of the retail industry.

Lean beyond manufacturing floor – A case study on Apparel Industry

Lean manufacturing is being a popular topic in the apparel industry for the last 30 years. Most companies initiate lean management.

The 5 WHY – A simple process to understand any problem (Root cause analysis)

It is often thought that a concept such as LEAN needs either extensive studies or training to be any good at it. So we leave it to so called consultants.

Kaizan & it’s importance in our lives

When we talk about LEAN management, Kaizan is one of the first word we all remember and discuss. In this article, let’s try to understand what kaizan.

Importance of standardization in the workplace

Last week we discussed the importance of Kaizen as a lean tool to improve the work place productivity as well as our individual lives. The natural progression of Kaizen is standardization.

The true Just In Time concept

Whether you’re a lean enthusiast or not, JIT is a concept pretty much everybody aware and probably practicing in the work place.

Building the right culture in the workplace

In this post author has explained the importance of building the right culture in the work place to have a SELF DIRECTED WORK TEAM.

How innovations help manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition

It is often discussed that apparel industry has become very competitive due to an excessive number of manufacturers from a range of countries

Reduce sample development cost by using 3D avatar

Its time to shift to 3D virtual garment technology to minimize the sample development cost and to reduce the sample lead time. The technology is called as 3D virtual prototyping of clothing products.